The Affordable Standing Desk Solution


Desk2Stand's mission is to help everyone raise their desk to standing height at an affordable price and to make ALL standing desk scenarios comfortable and ergonomic! From a simple conversion kit to change any seated office desk to standing height to economical standing desks and footrests for those already standing - Desk2Stand has the frugal consumer in mind! Now anyone who wants to stand while they work can have all the ergonomic and health benefits from standing at a fraction of the cost. Together we can make a change in the way we work while creating healthier lifestyles! Standing desks are the way to go!


While working on research and development at Stand2Learn, our engineering intern, Justin, experienced first hand the impact of stand-biased desks aka standing desks in classrooms. He saw students really enjoy them, and the teachers loved how they increased collaboration, improved test scores, and improved health. 

Although the students enjoy the benefits of the standing desks, teachers and administrators are left sitting in their desks. Until now, Stand2Learn's research and development had been focused on the students. For this new product, our attention turned to teachers and office workers. The schools often requested but could not afford the more expensive standing height desks designed for office workers. Justin encouraged us to create a new approach to raising the adult's current desk. Thus, the idea of Desk2Stand was born. 

The Desk2Stand conversion kit is extremely strong yet very lightweight. It can accommodate nearly any desk to create a standing desk from any seated desk version. We then took our existing Stand2Learn patented footrest and developed designs for the office. 

Most recently, we realized that there was not a good solution for a footrest on sit to stand desks. So VIOLA! Our engineering team developed the Footrest FollowUp. This gravity powered footrest mimics user position based on the worksurface height providing an ergonomic foot position while seated or standing increasing employee productivity and comfort without interference in their normal movement. The footrest marries with any configuration. By eliminating interference normally experienced with footrests when seated, this intuitive footrest takes you to your next ergonomic position.